Sider Technologies Bureau delivers a broad range of engineering services for mechanical equipment, metallic structures and piping.

As regards the designing of mechanical equipment and machines, the customers will benefit from services such as:

» Technical documentation for the engineering, installation, commissioning and operation of the machines and equipment;
» Design of hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling and other installations;
» Technical assistance throughout the manufacturing as well for the commissioning of those equipment and machines.
design design

The designing services for metallic structures engineering includes:

» Conceptual and scoping studies;
» Basic and detailed engineering for concrete and steel structures.

In the field of piping design, our solutions comprise:

» Design of piping for water cooling and feeding, compressed air, technical gas (oxygen, argon, nitrogen…) installations;
» Piping stress analysis;
» Technical assistance throughout the construction works as well as for the commissioning of those installations. design design

For the design we are using the following software:

» SolidWorks
» Autodesk Autocad
» Autodesk Inventor

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