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As our company has always aimed to fully meet our customers demands in our fields of expertise, quality assurance has been in the middle of our attention. Given that, the Sider Technologies Bureau management has defined a QA policy and objectives able to meet that target. The basic method to reach that target is by preventing errors through syst...

iso 9001


Since the very beginning of our activity, we have provided technical solutions to important companies in the industrial domains. Here is a brief description of some of the clients we’ve worked for to date.

Tenaris Silcotub


Tenaris Silcotub is the most important Romanian manufacturer of small size, seamless tubes used in the mechanical, automotive, gas and oil, chemical, petrochemical, and power industries. Tenaris Silcotub designs, manufactures and supplies a broad range of tubular products in accordance with the customers' requirements in order to meet the highest demands.

As well, they provide technical assistance, product development, logistics and delivery on term, alongside with customized stock management.

Henson Investment


Henson Investment is a middle-light steel structure and equipment manufacturer. The areea of it’s activity comprise also:



Baldon S.p.A. is a company dealing in the field of metallic constructions and equipment for metallurgy and chemical industry.



The activities of the company includes projects of various types, starting with the engineering and finishing with the start-up, for industry.



Limavora provides a broad range of products and services for industries.

The industrial services comprise: mechanical and industrial design, commercial assistance, intermediation between companies, and assistance for EU financing.

As for the distribution of industrial products, Limavora provides floor heating (electrical) installation, heat pumps, sun panels, grinding tools, mechanic saw blades, oils, lubricants, emulsions (cooling liquid), degreasing substances, cement and oil cleaning solutions, industrial lime scale remover, anticorrosion products, stainless steel cleaning and polishing products, anti-freeze liquids for boilers and cars, car detergents, industrial detergents, food grade detergents (designed for food industry), and customized working equipment at request.